Air Conditioning Service

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Make sure your air conditioning system is in top working order with our recharge service and De-Bug. Vehicle air conditioning systems needs regular maintenance to ensure that it is functioning as efficiently as possible, Failure to do so can result in unexpected costs. In Cardiff at SWSS BMW we can offer a full range of services and products to keep your air conditioning running when you need it the most.  


Does my Air-Conditioning need recharging?

Most Vehicle manufacturers recommend air conditioning systems should be serviced every two years, this should be undertaken as it’s not generally part of a service or MOT plan.  

If you air-conditioning only works intermittently or you suspect it doesn’t get as cold as you would expect, most noticeable on warm days, then it should be checked with our free air-conditioning check and possible a gas re-charge.  

Air-Conditioning Recharge at SWSS BMW

The air-conditioning recharge process is straight forward usually taking around 40 minutes, this can be undertaken while you wait if required. Our F-Gas trained technician’s will first carry out a free air-conditioning performance test and record average vent temperatures, the refrigerant and lubricant will be evacuated from the system, once complete our recharge system will draw a vacuum followed by a vacuum hold test to ensure no leaks within the air-conditioning systems, Only then will we be able to re-charge with correct about of fresh refrigerant and lubricant.

To aid further, SWSS BMW will inject a free ultra-violet dye, this will allow us to trace a leak in the future.

Air-Conditioning Bad Smells 

Have you ever notice bad smells once you turn on your air-conditioning?

If so you could benefit from our bacterial treatment, after time bacteria can build up on the evaporator of the air conditioning system, this will cause a unpleasant smell usually noticeable once you turn on the air conditioning. To combat this you can purchase what is known as a ‘Bomb’ this is a treatment that is set off within the cabin allowing the treatment to circulate through the air conditioning system and killing unwanted bacteria. It’s also advisable to replace the Micro filter at the same time to reduce the risk of reintroducing any bacteria.