Condition Based Servicing (CBS)

Condition based servicing was first introduced by BMW back in 2002, CBS is the maintenance system BMW created to manage regular service intervals and maintenance items. Service intervals and maintenance items are no longer services solely based on mileage or time, but now a combination of items. CBS utilises sensors, vehicle driving conditions, and time to determine the service intervals.

Maintenance items monitored by CBS can be viewed via the dashboard  (early models) or via the iDrive screen (late models). The displayed maintenance items are: engine oil, front and rear brake pad service, brake fluid and cabin microfilter. You can access these items and view remaining time / mileage until service.

All service information is transferred electronically to the vehicle key, allowing us to read the data on time of service.  

Key Reader

SWSS BMW has the genuine BMW key reader, allowing us to accurately identify what your vehicle requires at time of service. The ability to see complete vehicle details and histories of completed service maintenance and what might be due in the near future along with outstanding vehicle recalls.    

Service History Update

SWSS BMW has full access to BMW’s digital service system, This means once we perform any service item its recorded and uploaded, allowing anyone authorised by BMW to see all completed history on you vehicle. 

Digital Service Book

Once any service works have been completed a digital service entry will of been created as shown above and all data is now held with BMW Germany. We will now be able to transfer all service data to your vehicle within your digital service book. All service book date will be stored within your vehicles service book and can be found by navigating though your onscreen menu to Service History.